Chalmers Business Engineering (CB3)

Started by the 3 Chalmers Brothers, we have a solid business, built on good moral values, and a passion for process optimization. Between the 3 of us, we have vastly different personalities and attitudes. With skills in the Financial, Auditing & IT industries and experience in the Insurance, Mining and Credit industries.

Put together, we are a formidable team

It happens all too often, where a company or a unit within a company fails, due to components within, that are lacking and time consuming. This adds additional overhead, in the form of cost and time.


Chalmers Business Engineering is focused on providing your business with the optimal solution. Whatever your needs are, we ensure that the end result of our services will provide value, so you can focus on doing business.

By establishing your business requirements up front, we build out the optimal solution, ensuring that you meet your goals in both short and long term.


Chalmers Business Engineering are not experts in your line of business.

Even though we have experience in numerous industries, we believe that each business is unique, and by approaching your project from the ground up, we can ensure that we understand your needs, end-to-end. And the same goes for our clients. We want to ensure that they feel comfortable every step of the way, and understand exactly what it is that we'll be doing.


Chalmers Business Engineering forms a team with the client, and works closely together to ensure that all parties benefit from the end results. As a result, it is mutually beneficial that there is clarity across the entire spectrum, and each individual knows what the other requires and is attempting.

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